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Ours is not a "normal" family... we have 4 kids, 4 dogs, a horse, we homeschool, and my husband stays home to do all of it himself while I work.

Needless to say the house is always chaotic, with people going in all different directions all the time.

It's easy to get caught up in the rush when someone always has to be somewhere for something. We were eating out 5 nights or more per week... we even have our own waiters at certain restaurants - sheer craziness!

I realized that we couldn't go on this way. That we needed to make some changes in how we did things, and I decided to start with what we put in our bodies and what we put on our bodies.

What we put in our bodies was easy, because my husband is a fantastic cook. We have fresh bread on a daily basis, and he makes an amazing marina sauce to go on fresh pasta and pizza dough. He's branched out to soups and stews, and we've really made great strides in that area. This coming summer, we're looking forward to restarting our garden and having fresh veggies!

But what to do about our bodies? When you go to the store, you are dazzled by so many options "Organic" and "All-Natural" labels are everywhere, it seems. But, if you look closely at the ingredients list, you'll find that not everything in them is truly natural.

And so I made it my mission to learn how to make healthy bath and body products for my family. I started with salt and sugar scrubs, then progressed to lip balms, body lotions, and soaps. I also make scented candles - a favourite around the house! After rave reviews from years of giving all these things as gifts to friends and family, someone boldly suggested that I should do this as more than just a hobby... and Dadirri was born.

...Stay tuned for more 🙂

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